Hooters and Voodoo


In the opening moves, the players come out strong, proclaiming that there is life after killer breakfast with dinner at Hooters. Moreover, Henry Chi — a Killer Breakfast veteran — produces ‘VooDoo Tracy’ and temporarily takes control of the gamemaster!

We are trying to establish a complete cast list of participants. If you recognize yourself in this episode of the podcast, please leave a comment with your name, contact information and where in the video you saw yourself.

3 Comments to “Hooters and Voodoo”

  1. Chris Fron Tulsa Says:

    i love these episodes, they make my day when i need something geeky and funny. quick question what is the name of the intro/outro music called?

  2. John Edgington Says:

    Dr.Sam Becket here!! Thanks for putting me up on the web!! I died really quickly, but it was well worth it!

    -John Edgington

  3. Joel Edgington Says:

    King Leonidas here. After not making it to Gen Con since ’94, it was great to sit in on the breakfast again.

    Joel Edgington
    Owosso, MI


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